Blanking machines / blanking lines

As a system supplier, Hagel Automation offers customer-specific, flexible systems for the manufacture of sheet metal parts in combined sequential and complete blanking. The spectrum of applications ranges from small parts production to car body parts.

System solutions for blanking systems

When using complete blanking dies, one or two metal sheets can be produced per press stroke. Due to the very high degree of automation, blanking systems are used for medium to large series.

The blanking machine consists of:

  • Coil feed system
  • Blanking press
  • Removal device
  • Stacking system



Blanking machine / blanking line

Automation concepts for loading and unloading

With our system solutions tailored to customer requirements, we offer you a wide variety of different automation variants, whether for single systems or modular construction, up to interlinked systems. The spectrum ranges from rotor and stator plates for small to large electric motors to complete segments.