Transfer systems – automation technology

With Hagel Automation's modular transfer systems, blanks or parts can be transported in multi-station or interlinked presses. The spectrum of applications ranges from small parts production to car body parts.


Depending on the requirements profile, we offer transfer systems in 3 variants:

Direct drive of the gripper rails

Due to its compact design and optimum accessibility, this system is designed for use on presses up to a bed length of 6000 mm. Due to the short design, optimal feeding and removal of parts is guaranteed.

  • Excellently suited for retrofitting to any makes of press
  • Can be integrated by the customer without major effort

Drive via oscillating arms


Due to the patented force application of the feed motion to the gripper rails, this transfer is ideally suited for long feed lengths with simultaneous maximum output. This system can also be used for high payloads and press beds up to 7500 mm in length.



Front-to-back with limited space


The "front-to-back" transfer system is suitable for both new presses and presses requiring retrofitting, with a small opening between the side uprights, or other systems with limited space.

By varying the arrangement of the "front-to-back" gripper rail drive units, there is free space for operating the system in transfer mode. Based on the fundamental design of the system with direct drive, the best possible adaptation to the customer's requirements can be realized.

The entire transfer unit can be moved to any parking position. As a result, this system is universally applicable. This system is therefore particularly useful for customers who operate presses mainly in a combined sequential mode and are considering the possibility of using a transfer.



Transfer systems from Hagel Automation – the advantages

  • User-friendliness through freely programmable motion sequences
  • Fully automatic set-up procedures
  • Highest rigidity and lowest mass moment of inertia with predominantly the same drive mechanism
  • Minimum deflection values of the gripper rails due to high overall rigidity
  • Use of highly dynamic servomotors for maximum output performance
  • Can be upgraded irrespective of the press
  • Maximum flexibility in the arrangement (hanging, standing or combined)
  • Low-maintenance

    All three variants are flexible, modular systems, which can be assembled individually in different sizes and variants depending on the requirements profile.

    3D transfer systems

    All three variants are flexible transfer systems which are available in different sizes and design variants.

    Single slide press

    3D transfer (single slide press)


    3D transfer (front-to-back)

    Double slide press

    3D transfer (double slide press)