Press interlinking / press lines – automation technology

In the case of a press interlinking between two or more presses, the parts are in turn transferred to the subsequent press(es) by means of a removal feeder, robot or press transfer for further transport through the Interpress shuttle. In addition to the aforementioned variants, there are further possible applications such as an application for groupwise stacking of parts for palletizing.

Feeder system for press interlinking

Development and sales of a High-Speed Feeder system (HSF) for linking press lines in cooperation with the company NSM Magnettechnik

Advantages at a glance

  • Linear movements
  • High payload
  • Simple kinematics
  • Stable mechanical systems
  • Simple programming
  • Also suitable for retrofitting with press spacings up to 9000 mm

NSM MagnettechnikA development in cooperation with NSM Magenttechnik.



High-Speed Feeder (HSF)

Development of a feeder system (HSF) in cooperation with NSM Magnettechnik

High-Speed Feeder for Press interlinking



Interpress shuttles in press interlinking

Interpress shuttles are designed for the fully automatic onward transport of parts or blanks and can be used in many different ways. This means that both individual presses and several presses can be fitted with this equipment in the press interlinking system.


With the use of an Interpress shuttle, it is also possible to integrate destacker systems so that the removed blank can be inserted directly into the transport shuttle with centering nest by means of a pre-centering function, which enables the centering of shaped blanks with different geometries. The shuttle then transports the blank to the transfer station, where it is fed to the first die station by means of a removal feeder, robot or press transfer.



Robot control for press interlinking / press line

Direct transfer of the simulation results (Fanuc | Roboguide) into the robot controller. Six-axis industrial robot in combination with a seventh axis to automate a press line.