Destacker systems – automation technology

Destackers are used for feeding blanks made of magnetic and non-magnetic materials in all sizes and geometric shapes in individual presses and press lines.

The particular design of the destacker depends on customer requirements and production conditions.



The material and shape of the blanks as well as the production capacity of the press influence the final design of the destacker. Depending on press performance and application, we offer feeding via three different systems.

Destacker systems – the advantages

  • Compact, modular design
  • No or only minor customer-specific foundation work required
  • Safe and precise blank transport due to optimized movement sequences
  • High operating comfort

    Feeder system with vacuum cups

    Destackers that have a feeder system with vacuum suction cups are especially suitable for handling small to medium blanks and all non-magnetic blanks.

    Destacker system with magnetic belts

    A magnetic belt loader is mainly used for medium to very large magnetic blanks. Maximum output capacity can be achieved with the system depending on the press.

    Combination feeder/magnetic belt system

    Combined feeder systems with vacuum cups and magnetic belts are always used when both magnetic and non-magnetic blanks have to be fed.

    This is how we can customize our destackers for you

    Single and multiple stack systems can be used for all variants; the latter enable stack changes without interrupting production.

    Depending on customer requirements, systems for greasing or spraying of blanks and an orientation station for determining the position of the blanks can be integrated into the systems.